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SMS marketing Tool

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Discover the power of SMS marketing in your business. Increase your sales and improve your customers' happinesswith messages that make their day better.

SMS marketing Gateway

Features of our SMS solution

The multichannel messaging platform for successful business communication.

  • 1. It’s real-time
  • 2. It gets everywhere
  • 3. It’s versatile
  • 4. It can be personalized
  • 5. It’s integrated
  • 6. It’s automatic
  • 8. It can be expanded
  • 9. It has a high return on investment


Get high marketing campaigns feedback & quick wins using Bulk SMS service inside Saudi Arabia & globally.


- Personalize your SMS with your business names
- Compose your message in any language
- You can schedule your SMS; add opt-out path and more

Business Reach

Get instant message delivery as we are directly connected with 3-major operators – KSA, STC and Zain.

Reporting & Delivery

- Send SMS With Brand Name
- Real-Time Delivery Report
- High target customer reach, low cost & high ROI


Generating qualified leads which will be converted to sales & maximize profit.

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Why using SMS gateway tool?

Promote your business better with SMS campaigns that attract the attention of your recipients. Bulk SMS and Smart SMS solutions enable you to reach large audiences fast and cheap. Send personalized promotional messages to your customers to engage them and increase your sales. Our SMS gateway Portal will show you how successful your campaign was.